I Can't Wait to Document Your Story and Bring Your Vision to Life

get that connection to pour out of you two and glimmer,
create images that you can feel and that radiate with who you are,
and tell your story for what it truly is.

Whether you're looking to capture the big proposal, take engagement photos, or even get photos just because, my goal is to:

I'm all about those fun, natural-looking, and candid moments with true-to-color edits. No stiff poses or overly edited vibes here – my goal is to capture your story in a way that authentically honors and expresses who you are!

Feeling camera-shy? No worries! If you or your partner are uneasy, we'll team up to make sure you shine. I'll lead you through playful poses and personalized prompts, ensuring we capture those genuine smiles.

During our session, we'll kick things off with some movement to shake off any camera jitters and capture those spontaneous, genuine moments. Picture walking, running, spins, piggyback rides – all the fun stuff! Then, to give you a breather, we'll slow it down and capture some simpler moments like a warm embrace or your partner tucking some hair behind your ear. Just before we wrap up, I'll give you some space to explore your surroundings together. Whether it's wandering through a field to find the perfect rock to settle down and watch the sunset or sharing a cocktail while chatting about your day, it's a time and space for you both to be your authentic selves.

A look into the approach that I take, and the experience you'll have with me...

Maddie + Will

"Alana is one of the most amazing photographers that has always exceeded expectations and produced the most beautiful pictures for me and my fiancé (and puppy). She is the life of the shoot— always recommending fun poses and bringing the vibes to elevate the photo-taking process. She always takes the time to capture the perfect shots and wants to make sure you are satisfied as well when it is all said and done. I can’t recommend Alana enough and as soon as you meet her, you will see why you cannot go with anyone else to photograph your important memories and events! Truly the sweetest photographer EVER!"

AHH, YOU'RE ENGAGED... or about to be!! So so incredibly happy for you! I’m celebrating with you over here and am sending you a huge congratulations!!

Now that you're all of a sudden a natural born lefty, wink wink! It's time to show off that RING without feelin' like you're boasting! Let's get those swoon-worthy ring shots all while capturing you and your FIANCÉ in this exciting new season of your life together.

Together we'll create photos that even your grandma will obsess over! I want nothing less than for you to laugh so hard you get a mini ab workout and smile so much and so big that your face hurts (in a good way). The goal is to get photos that you're smiling IN, not photos that you're smiling FOR. So that means all the dreamy candids!

Engagements & Proposals

engagements Starting at $350
Proposals starting at $500

Just Because sessions

I am a bit of an advocate for "just because" photos because who says there has to be a special occasion to get cute photos of you and your boo? No one! I will tell ya, Vinnie and I have been together for almost 7 years and we barely have any good photos together. Though we've been steppin' in front of the camera lately, I wish we would've started sooner. 

Make it a cute date! Let's capture you and your lovaa just being your authentic silly selves, no pressure attached. Whether you want to run around on the beach kickin' up sand at sunrise, want to toast with two sodas in the bed of your truck at a drive-in, or have an in-home session gettin’ messy baking cookies, let's go for it!

While I love capturing BIG moments, I think the moments in between are just as valuable, if not more.

starting at $350

How to Make It Happen!

1. Let's meet on zoom

6. Gallery delivery

5. sneak peeks!

4. It's Photo day!

3. Planning process

2. Book your session

Let's fish out all your inspo. Definitely bring your Pinterest boards with ya!

Once ya settle on a date and time (I guide you on what time would be best to shoot), we're ready to make it official and seal the deal. I'll send over the contract and your invoices through a secured online portal! 

Leading up to your shoot we'll keep in contact to make sure you have the best outfits and all the props needed so shoot day is seamless.  

The best part! I'll bring some music, we'll laugh so hard we'll get a mini ab workout, and I'll get all your best angles. 

I know how excited you are to see how the photos turned out, plus I cannot wait to edit them. So, I will send you 5 sneak peeks within 24 hrs to sooth the itch while I edit the rest. 

I wish I could just sit and edit your gallery all day (that'd be the dream) but unfortunately I have to get the energy out of my two little puppers or they'll destroy my apartment.

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