Making You Feel Like THE Main Character

I'm all about...

Through shoots designed to fit your personality, interests, and aesthetic.

make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin no matter how much experience you have in front of the camera,

create images that you can feel and that radiate with who you are,

and show your personality for what it true is.

Whether you're looking for something traditional and classic or a bit more funky and creative, my goal is to:

I 100% understand not everyone is used to being photographed every day or even occasionally, so I promise, even if you "hate" photos or are "awkward" in them, that we will work together to get photos that you feel your absolute best in!! If you love being in front of the camera, then you're all set! We can get creative together to capture swoon worthy photos that you'll want to show all your friends.

The "WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY HANDS?!" feeling is the worst and I feel you all the way. But no need to worry, I will have natural looking poses + prompts ready for you to get those effortless-looking photos and candids. A rule of thumb for posing I use is if I can't do it, then I won't make you do it. 

A look into the approach that I take, and the experience you'll have with me...

“Alana was amazing! She's so sweet and fun, it makes you much more comfortable in front of the camera!"

- jordan

Senior year can be anything from fun and exciting to uncertain and intimidating. No matter where you're at on that spectrum, I hope we can cultivate a lively, memorable, positive experience together to create senior photos that are exactly what you've been dreaming of and even more!

Long story short, seniors have a special spot in my heart. Back in my day, Haha! I'm only 21 but, when I was in high school I had such a terrible senior photo experience. It felt so fast, stiff, awkward, and my vision for what I wanted was completely ignored and thrown out the window. So, that is exactly everything I DON'T want you to feel. In fact, I want you to feel seen, heard, comfortable, and have fun!

I hope to provide you with guidance and more importantly comfort and ease throughout the process. From helping you pick the perfect outfits to finding the best locations, I want to make sure this will be a seamless experience for you all while getting awesome photos that perfectly capture you in this season of your life.


High school + COllege

starting at $350


models, creatives, fashion enthusiasts, and influencers

Whether you're...

a model needing updated digitals or want to pitch to a brand,

simply a creative looking to push boundaries and make your out-of-the-box ideas comes to life,

a fashion enthusiast that wants to showcase your best pieces,

or an influencer who needs a good amount of professional content for your socials,

then I'm your girl!

I'm all about bold and creative photos that illuminate your confidence and personality.

starting at $350


Anywhere from headshots to product photography, let's elevate your business with professional photos that are true to who you are, your business mission, and most importantly your services or products. Create trust and accountability with your clients through quality imagery.

Headshots and small to medium sized businesses

starting at $200

How to Make It Happen!

1. Let's meet on zoom

6. Gallery delivery

5. sneak peeks!

4. It's Photo day!

3. Planning process

2. Book your session

Let's fish out all your inspo. Definitely bring your Pinterest boards with ya!

Once ya settle on a date and time (I guide you on what time would be best to shoot), we're ready to make it official and seal the deal. I'll send over the contract and your invoices through a secured online portal! 

Leading up to your shoot we'll keep in contact to make sure you have the best outfits and all the props needed so shoot day is seamless.  

The best part! I'll bring some music, we'll laugh so hard we'll get a mini ab workout, and I'll get all your best angles. 

I know how excited you are to see how the photos turned out, plus I cannot wait to edit them. So, I will send you 5 sneak peeks within 24 hrs to sooth the itch while I edit the rest. 

I wish I could just sit and edit your gallery all day (that'd be the dream) but unfortunately I have to get the energy out of my two little puppers or they'll destroy my apartment.


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